Lloyd-300x300Hi. I have always been serious – passionate – about photography. I have worked for a number of clients including Connect and Imagineering here in Leeds, and carried out a number of portrait commissions. Some of my more personal projects are featured on the projects page of my portfolio website.

During 2006-7 I spent two years on a photographic study of Briggate, the pedestrianized thoroughfare which is the heart of the retail district of Leeds city centre. That project was exhibited in huge exhibition (150+ large framed prints) in The Light as part of the celebration of a 800 years of the city of Leeds (which began with the opening up of Briggate in 1207).

From 2007-9 I collaborated with my friend, Stephen Griffin on a photographic study of “Leeds by Night” – night life on the streets of Leeds city centre. For almost two years Griff  and I went out on the streets with our cameras till long after midnight in order to document the kind of social life that has become so vital to the economic survival of our city centres. Albion Street was the title Griff gave to our project. We are in the process of presenting and archiving the project on the Albion Street website.

Here on this The Heart of Leeds website I have created an archive of my photographic treatment of other aspects of my city, Leeds. There you will find my study of Kirkgate Market and of the arcades of Leeds, my various treatments of what I call “suburbia”, including studies of Headingley and Chapel Allerton, of buses and trains, of Leeds night and day.

In April 2012 I was invited to be part of the “Leeds Through A Lens” exhibition at the Leeds Gallery, Munro House and simultaneously I was invited (together with 6 other photographers) to put together “Your Retail Soulmate“, an exhibition at Arts@Trinity on BoarLane, Leeds.

I learnt photography as a teenager using my father’s antique cameras and the kitchen (or bathroom) darkroom. My first serious camera was bought for me by John Berger (in return for my help on Another Way of Telling.) In South Africa I was lucky to be shown the ropes by a wonderful photographer and good friend, Paul Weinberg, who lent me his darkroom and took him with me on assignment. Together we worked on various projects associated with Ravan Press (my employers), the Staffrider magazine. I collaborated with Paul as he worked to set up the Afrapix photo-agency and began organising a huge exhibition of documentary photography photography from Southern Africa.

My two years as a post-graduate student in Germany were spent studying Walter Benjamin (1892-1940), who inspired John Berger’s extraordinary Ways of Seeing TV-series. Benjamin’s study of the poetry of Baudelaire and the figure of the flaneur inspired my interest in documentary and ‘street’ photography. My publication of Benjamin’s “Central Park” fragments and his early essay on “Experience” were published and I have since published several other translations from the German.

LloydWINDOW-300x200During those early years I also became fascinated by the painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-75) and other painters of the Dutch Golden Age. I have learnt a lot about portraiture and about light from the old masters.

I have written English in the Media (a TEFL textbook), and two comic books of philosophy, Hegel for Beginners and The Enlightenment for Beginners. I edited The Sense of Sight, a book of essays by John Berger. I have edited a computer magazine and been the production editor (doing layout, design, editing and production) for a number of magazines and one-off publications.

In the 1980s I wrote quite a bit about photograph for publications such as Ten-8 and New Society and through that got to meet my hero, the photographer André Kertész (1894-1985). More recently I have been reflecting on photography on various photoblogs including Street Photography: Under Instruction and Quiet Photography.

For a quarter of a century I taught students at Leeds Trinity University a range of theoretical and practical subjects. Currently I offer my services as photographer, writer, editor, designer and can teach a range of related skills.

So if you wish for any help with6945487904_3d944d5e79

  • photography
  • writing
  • web design or hosting, WordPress or various portfolio solutions

please get in touch – email me at
lloydspencer AT mac.com

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My portfolio website is @ The Heart of Leeds /photography

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  1. Lloyd,

    Hello, it was great to meet at Cafe Lento last week. Your photography is marvelous. And it’s great to read about your having been inspired by John Berger / “Ways of Seeing.” I’ve devoured may of his books and, by a big od good fate, I’ve gotten to know the filmmaker Mike Dibb who made “Ways of Seeing” with Berger. He also made several documentaries about Studs Terkel. I’ll be seeing him again in London next month.,

    I look forward to talking more and sharing updates about the Chapel FM work I’m starting. Maybe there can be some photography projects there in the future!


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