The Project

So here’s the thing… Griff and I photographed together on the streets of Leeds on Friday or Saturday night, occasionally both, for almost two years. We had great fun. We felt safe. We had a lot of interaction with the crowds enjoying the night life.

We took HUGE numbers of photos. Before I return to fill out this account of the project I am going to go back to our combined archives to estimate just how many photos we took together… almost always keeping in sight of one another.

I always thought that we would end up with one great book and exhibition with about 60 photos each telling a complicated and subtle story about social life late on weekend nights. Griff’s photos got a certain amount of exposure in London when he met with street photographers there and also when he used them in his final year project at university.

It then began to emerge that Griff did not share my vision of a combined and unified project. Ever more ruthlessly he edited his many images down to a best 50, a best 40 and so on, sometimes ringing the changes…

So what I can offer you in this gallery is Griff’s own choice of his top 20…

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