The Merrion Centre – 50th anniversary

The Merrion Centre, Leeds was built 50 years ago, the first shopping mall of its kind to be built in the UK. It is still run by the same family that built it and is currently being renovated and expanded to take on new challenges.

33 of my photos were included in the commemorative hardback book designed by Andy Edwards. My photos were taken over the 3 days allowed for the project. It was great to be let loose with high-vis jacket and an excuse to engage people.

I took a lot of pictures. So far I have uploaded only 15 from this years project. The rest were taken in recent years but sometimes reflect a scene which is now gone forever. I will be uploading a good bunch of them here to Flickr (such an important archive). Watch out. Here they come…

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One thought on “The Merrion Centre – 50th anniversary

  1. Hi Lloyd nice to bump into you today in the sunshine with your son, and my little family. Very interested in your know of forest and other green spaces in the locality.

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